Light in the sky. Moscow, Russia. Photo 3

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An aurora in Moscow?

  Is it an aurora? Moscow. Photo-bear.com
Moscow, Russia,  12.17.2012. An aurora. Photo by photo-bear.com
Shafts of light in the sky become higher and higher, then fade and go out.

An aurora in Moscow, Russia. Photo-bear.com
Aurora in Moscow

An aurora and the snow. Moscow, Russia. Photo-bear.com
Aurora & a snow

Light in the sky. Moscow, Russia. Photo-bear.com
Light in the sky


What was it? Was it an aurora? I still do not know this.
But it was very interesting!
Sorry, my photos are not very good. It looks like snow dust on my photo is more important than the aurora :o)  But it was so dark, cold, snow dust climbed into the lens of my camera... And, to be honest, I'm not really good photographer! Night photography requires time and skills, and the aurora appeared so suddenly and so quickly disappeared ... But it seems, no one but me took a picture of this phenomenon. All slept, and it was really very interesting!

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Aurora. Photo from Wikipedia

"Auroras are associated with the solar wind, a flow of ions continuously flowing outward from the Sun. The Earth's magnetic field traps these particles, many of which travel toward the poles where they are accelerated toward Earth. Collisions between these ions and atmospheric atoms and molecules cause energy releases in the form of auroras appearing in large circles around the poles. Auroras are more frequent and brighter during the intense phase of the solar cycle when coronal mass ejections increase the intensity of the solar wind"

It was a geomagnetic storm that night! And, of course, the solar wind was strong"
I've seen the Aurora in Moscow!