An aurora and the snow. Moscow, Russia. Photo 2

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An aurora in Moscow?


 Is it an aurora? Moscow, Russia. Photo-bear.com
Moscow, Russia,  12.17.2012. An aurora and the snow
Photo by photo-bear.com

An aurora in Moscow, Russia. Photo-bear.com
Aurora in Moscow

An aurora and the snow. Moscow, Russia. Photo-bear.com
Aurora & a snow

Light in the sky. Moscow, Russia. Photo-bear.com
Light in the sky

I tried to photograph the aurora, but the result was something strange.
What was it? I think it's not UFO and aliens from other worlds. It's just a snow. But it disturbs me to make a good photo of the aurora - this snow obscures the sky and the aurora is not visible at all.
Sorry, some of my photos look like this strange snow is more important than the aurora :o)
I have not had much time to organize a photo shoot.
Yes, it was a lot of strange things this night. New moon was seen not as usual - a narrow crescent, and as a round, faint disk of the moon with a bright rim on the side. This strange snow, strange aurora - just near Moscow! It was very strange and very interesting!

Aurora  ,   Is it an aurora? Moscow. Photo-bear.com