Russian winter



  Russian winter: snow.
Winter forest after snowfal

Russian winter. Winter forest after snowfall. Snow., photos of wild nature.

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White snow, blue sky.
White snow

White snow, blue sky. Morning promenade.

Forest path.
Forest path

Winter dream.
Winter dream

Winter sun. (After snowfall).
Winter sun


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White snow, blue sky.
Wild nature, snow. Winter forest:  white snow, blue sky.
Russian winter forest is very snowy place, but only in winter. On Earth, there are enough places where there is snow all year round.

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Russian winter:
Winter is very interesting season in Russia.
Many people want to visit Russia only to see the snowy Russian winter.
There is a lot of snow everywhere: in the forest, on fields and hills. Every river and lake is under the ice. Wild nature slips in winter. Forest is white and quiet, birds don't sing their songs and there is snow on the trees, not leaves.

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