Wild flowers

There are a lot of beautiful wild flowers to be seen in Russian fields and forest. I show you some images of them.
There are very many flowers in meadows and forests, their beauty is not inferior to the cultural beauty of garden flowers. You only need to look closely and you will notice them. By the way, the ancestors of those flowers that grow in our flower beds - are common wildflowers. Long ago people began to plant favorite flowers near the house, of course, choosing the seeds from the most beautiful and large flowers. So unconsciously since ancient times selection was conducted. Results can be admired in the flower beds and flower beds.

Wild nature: flowers. Cornflower - Red wild flower. Photo by photo-bear.com

Red cornflower is a wild flower. It is named cornflower, but in Russia it does not grow in the fields among the corn.
In fact, corn also does not grow in Russia  :o)   But cornflowers grow - in the meadows. And another flowers grow in the fields (among the wheat, rye etc.). They are named "Vasilek"  (Blue cornflowers).


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Wild flowers


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