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The Ugra river.
Cold morning

The Ugra river. Cold morning. Russia, Photo by


The Ugra river. Wild nature. Russia, Smolensk reg. photos of remote corners of Russia
The Ugra river

The Ugra river. Lianas by the riverside. Wild nature, Russia.

Wild nature: the Ugra river. Forest, fall. autumn
Ugra Nat. Park

The Ugra river. Morning. Wild nature, Russia. Photo by
The clean river

The Ugra river. Fishing. Wild nature, Russia. Photo by

The Ugra river. White wild flowers. Russia. Photo by
Wild flowers

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The Ugra is not a very big river. But it is very clean, calm, nice and a little wild. Ships do not float on this river. There are not any towns on its banks - there are only forest, fields and small villages. It is pretty wild place, good for a holiday or a quiet life in a village.